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An open source research project mapping cartel related killings

An open source research project dedicated to making sense  and raising awareness of the killings that have become normal


In the first 6 months of 2021, we have recorded over 500 narcomantas in Mexico. Found in almost all different states, signed by  dozens of unique groups. Targets of threats ranged from rival cartels, to Attorney generals. These purposes of these narcomantas are divided into six categories: Threats, Accusations, Recruiting, Introduction, Help, and Bounties.
Report and data from the first 3 months available for download below.

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Our Mission

Mexico is engaged in a brutally violent and seemingly futile internal war. Last year several dozen organized crime groups ended around 40,000 lives as they battled each other for control of the nation's highly lucrative smuggling routes into the United States. By all metrics, this year is on track to be the bloodiest yet. The escalating violence is marked by mothers posting signs begging for the safe return of their kidnapped daughters, and fathers who desperately hope to find pieces of their missing sons in the overflowing morgues. Judges are murdered and cartel capos walk free as the people wonder if they lived in a failed state. This war is isolated from the rest of the world, who enjoy the endless supply of cocaine and fentanyl. 


This project aims to make sense and raise awareness of the killings that have become normal, by mapping out which states are currently engaged in bloody turf wars, and which ones are temporarily on the periphery of Mexico’s existential struggle.

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