Don Alejo Garza Tamez - The Brave Only Die Once

Written by Narcomappingmx


Alejo Garza Tamez was a 77 year-old Mexican businessman and avid hunter from Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, who was killed 10 years ago as he fought to defend his property from cartel gangsters. On November 13, 2010, several Los Zetas hitmen drove to his ranch outside the city and demanded that he leave and hand over the property within 24 hours. Garza refused, and after they left he ordered all of his farm workers and family members not to come in to work the next day. The 77 year-old immediately got to work fortifying his house for the return of the cartel members, placing his hunting rifles in windows around his house, and planning his defensive strategy.


On the night of the 14th, several trucks filled with around 20 cartel members drove to his ranch. Armed with automatic rifles and grenades, the sicarios besieged Garza’s ranch.  Don Alejo, a life long hunter known as a good shot, began shooting at them with his rifles. Four sicarios were killed, and two more injured. Eventually, the superior numbers and weaponry overwhelmed him, and Garza was killed defending his land. When the Mexican Military arrived they found the partially destroyed house. In front were the abandoned bodies of the 6 hitmen, and inside was Don Alejos' body, killed by a grenade blast and two bullets.

Don Alejo was a noble man who stood up to the cartel rats attempting to use terror and threats to get what they wanted. For his bravery, Garza has become a legend in Mexico. He has become a symbol of community defense and commitment to fighting against narcos. People all over the world find courage in his legacy, ballads sing about his bravery, and Mexican filmmaker Diego Enrique Osorno is creating a documentary about his life, aptly titled “The Brave Only Die Once.”